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  1. Julie Tonseth /

    hi shawn – it looks like it will work at my house! i emailed you the forms a bit ago.. I will be there this weekend and the weekend of April 5th. If you can come out then that would be great.. I will see when i get there if i can pick the signal up on my phone or kindle.


  2. lw robertson /


  3. A. Cardon /


  4. Fiona Bennett /

    Mine seems to be on the edge of green, but it is not solid green, it is fading to grey. Does that mean I would have good signal or not?

  5. Vlad Marinkovic /

    Too bad almost all of N. Lombardi from 49 to Donya is a dead zone.

  6. David Pierce /

    Solid green. Maybe I’ll be able to get rid of Hughesnet. Maybe!!



    MARK G

  8. Jean Beaufort /

    Mark Godbout ( See above ) my neighbor who’s house is opposite mine
    and 200 feet from my house has good signal strength .
    I believe I should get a reasonable reception.
    Jean Beaufort

  9. cody /

    hey jen it’s cody we talked a few hours ago. you said chris would call me back. just waiting on that call

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