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I am starting this post as a community forum for all the people involved in or who have questions about the broadband project underway to better serve the residences of the Golden Hills Subdivision with high speed internet.  If you have any status updates or inquiries, please post them here.

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  1. Ryan Randolph /


    I would like to know where you are in putting up the Golden Hills expansion. Is it planned? I had offered to help you put up the tower and get things setup, and I’m still willing, but I need to know more of what’s going on. It’s also fine if you do not wish for any help. There are still many people in the area that would like to know more about what is or isn’t going on.

    If you are still trying to establish that there are enough people in the area to make the tower profitable, perhaps you should advertise to those that will have LOS? Maybe leave something in their mailbox? I am sure there are enough people if they actually know about it, and your service is decent.

    The website is looking better, but the current colors are painful. The Recent Comments links are nonsense garble that go nowhere in my version of firefox anyway. Make some things happen – don’t be another dud like Mobley. 😉 I have faith!

  2. Shawn / Post Author

    I encourage people to check out our link labeled “coverage map” it will give you, and us, a better idea of who has the best chance of receiving service. If all goes to plan, we will be starting installs as soon as Monday. I will let you know know if anything changes.

  3. Bob Leitzell /

    I’m posting in a couple of places.
    I’d like to set up email addresses Can you email instructions to me? If you have a link on your web site – I have been unable to find one.

  4. julie /

    Hi Shawn – just want to let you know the service worked great during my test this week. I ran both my work and home laptop and cell phone and no lag. Thanks! Julie

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