Latest Update On French Hill

For those customers that receive their service from French Hill services are still down at this time. We received the batteries in on Christmas Eve and with the help of Mike Delorto and his tractor were able to get within a couple hundred yards to the top of French Hill, but mud from the rains prevented us from reaching the top. Jenny assited me in dragging the 78 lb batteries the rest of the way up the muddy slope. Batteries have been replaced which you may have noticed a return to service for a short while the day after Christmas. It was short lived though because the positive lead from the solar panels had rubbed through the insulation and contacted the frame of the tower which ended up frying all of the equipment. I am in the process of replacing this equipment but some things will have to be ordered. I am going to see if I can make do with some alterations to the current configuration to get people back online while I wait for the proper equipment to arrive.

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