Latest Update on Storm Damage

Hello All,
Just wanted to update everyone on the current status of the Network. During the last storm we received damage to one of the two 100w solar panels on French Hill. Attempts were made to repair the solar panel but were unsuccessful. A new solar panel and charge controller have been ordered and should arrive Thursday. However, in the absence of the second solar panel, coupled with several days of overcast weather, has depleted the batteries reserve. They have dropped to a dangerously low level, which will cause damage to the batteries and shorten their lifespan. The batteries now have almost 0 reserve capacity left, which means that French Hill will only be active during day light hours, until the batteries are replaced. An order has been placed for a new set of Solar batteries. The Batteries on order will have double the capacity of the previous system, so hopefully we won’t have to go through this again anytime soon. Because this order requires special delivery and handling, it is not expected to be delivered until Feb 17th. In the meantime, while we are waiting on the order to arrive, I will be working on alternative methods of providing access. Some customers may be able to use a different access point other then French Hill. For those of you that can, I will most likely switch you over as soon as the sun comes up and brings French Hill back online. For those of you that solely rely on French Hill I will attempt to preserve any battery capacity by reducing all excess traffic and power draw from additional radios. Consolidating transmissions to as few radios as possible will help to give the batteries as much longevity as possible so that hopefully the service stays up well into the night. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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