• Storm Damage

    The Sport Hill tower is almost complete. Service should be restored Saturday.

  • Major Fiber Cut

    Service is down for all customers. There appears to be a major fiber cut that is affecting a large region. The fiber providers guarantee service will be restored in less then 4 hours from time of reported outage. Starting the timer now.

  • Update to Storm Damage

    Happy Valley has been restored.  Golden Hills is awaiting tree removal service to finish work.  I am told that it will be accessible in about two hours at which time I will see what can be done to restore service.

  • Update

    The recent storm resulted in two major outages.  The French Hill tower and the Golden Hills tower.

    Golden Hills Tower – Fallen tree has damaged the tower and the site needs to be cleared first by a tree removal service before we can asses the damages.  I have been informed that tree removal service may not be available until Monday.  As a work around we are currently looking at alternative locations to erect another tower that will allow us to get service back up sooner then waiting for the site to be cleared of foliage.   Service currently remains unavailable for the entire Golden Hills Subdivision

    French Hill Tower – Wind damaged two radios responsible for providing service to various locations around the area including,  Paloma, Old Toll Road, Church Street, Center Street, HWY 49, Jesus Maria, Italian Vista, and Happy Valley.  Service has been restored to HWY 49, Italian Vista, parts of Old Toll and parts of Jesus Maria.  In order to get Happy Valley back online I need to make a trip to Jackson but hope to have it back up tonight.

  • Service interruption update

    The recent storm damaged and destroyed equipment on our French Hill tower as well as a few of our relay antennas. We are currently working on the repairs and replacement of equipment, and hope to restore service by Saturday evening. Updates will be posted as the repairs progress. Thank you for your patience.




  • Latest Update On French Hill

    For those customers that receive their service from French Hill services are still down at this time. We received the batteries in on Christmas Eve and with the help of Mike Delorto and his tractor were able to get within a couple hundred yards to the top of French Hill, but mud from the rains prevented us from reaching the top. Jenny assited me in dragging the 78 lb batteries the rest of the way up the muddy slope. Batteries have been replaced which you may have noticed a return to service for a short while the day after Christmas. It was short lived though because the positive lead from the solar panels had rubbed through the insulation and contacted the frame of the tower which ended up frying all of the equipment. I am in the process of replacing this equipment but some things will have to be ordered. I am going to see if I can make do with some alterations to the current configuration to get people back online while I wait for the proper equipment to arrive.

  • Not enough Sun, Still waiting on batteries

    For the past several days there has been enough sun to charge the batteries to the point which they could make it through the night. Today however due to the overcast weather They have had minimal charging and I am going to have to shut French Hill down in order to preserve whatever life the batteries still have. I am still waiting on the replacement batteries, currently tracking shows that they should arrive by Christmas eve. The weather doesn’t show much sun from now till then so French Hill may get shut down each night until I can get the batteries in place. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • French Hill Down Again

    After the recent French Hill outage power was restored and everything seemed to be working again, but that only lasted until about 3AM last night when it went down again. Today I went up to French Hill to investigate and have found that the charge controller has failed. I don’t have a replacement on hand so I am going to see if I can have one overnighted or see if there is one locally that I can purchase. We will have French Hill back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

  • French Hill Tower Down

    At approximately 7:ooPM on Thursday Dec 3rd The French Hill tower stopped transmitting. This was likely in relation to the storm. Jenny is on her way up to French Hill to assess the situation with remote assistance from myself. Will update this post when we know more.

    Shawn Pitner

  • Miwok Trail/Old Toll Rd Service Restored

    Service has been restored to Miwok Trail and Old Toll Rd.

  • Stockton Hill and Golden Hills restored

    Service has been restored to customers in the Stockton Hill and Golden Hills Areas. Headed to Miwok Trail to restore service.

  • Sport Hill and Boston Yale Service Restored

    Boston Yale and Sport Hill services have been restored. Now headed to Stockton Hill to restore services for Stockton Hill and Golden Hills.

  • Radio Replaced

    The failed radio has been replaced, now I will need to go to each of the outage areas and reconnect those radios. The Locations are Sport Hill/Boston Yale, Miwok Trail, Stockton Hill/Golden Hills, Will update when next step is complete.

  • Service Interruption

    There has been a radio failure at one of our main relay sites. Service has been interrupted for customers in the Golden Hills, Boston Yale, Miwok Trail and Sport Hill areas. I am on my way back from the bay area, (currently in Stockton) and service should be restored soon after I get back.

  • Internet Issues

    FBI investigating 11 attacks on San Francisco-area Internet lines
    Trevor Hughes and Jessica Guynn 10:02 p.m. EDT June 30, 2015

    The FBI is investigating at least 11 physical attacks on high-capacity Internet cables in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dating back a year, including one early Tuesday morning.

    Agents confirm the latest attack disrupted Internet service for businesses and residential customers in and around Sacramento, the state’s capital.

    FBI agents declined to specify how significantly the attack affected customers, citing the ongoing investigation. In Tuesday’s attack, someone broke into an underground vault and cut three fiber-optic cables belonging to Colorado-based service providers Level 3 and Zayo.

    The attacks date back to at least July 6, 2014, said FBI Special Agent Greg Wuthrich.

    “When it affects multiple companies and cities, it does become disturbing,” Wuthrich said. “We definitely need the public’s assistance.”

    The pattern of attacks raises serious questions about the glaring vulnerability of critical Internet infrastructure, said JJ Thompson, CEO of Rook Security, a security consulting and services provider in Indianapolis.

    Fiber optic cables are essentially bundles of slender glass fibers that use light waves to transmit data. They are the interstate highways of the information superhighway, carrying vast amounts of data between decentralized hubs. From there, Internet services are delivered to homes and businesses by lower-capacity cables, including DSL.

    In Arizona earlier this year, tens of thousands of residents were cut off from Internet service after someone sliced through underground fiber-optic cables.

    In April 2009, underground fiber-optic cables in California were cut in four sites, knocking out landlines, cell phones and Internet service for tens of thousands in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties.

    “When it’s situations that are scattered all in one geography, that raises the possibility that they are testing out capabilities, response times and impact,” Thompson said. “That is a security person’s nightmare.”

    Wuthrich said cutting the lines requires tools. Although fiber-optic lines themselves aren’t much bigger than diameter of a pencil, they’re usually protected by tough, flexible conduit. Citing the ongoing investigation, he declined to further discuss specifics of the attacks, which he said have generally occurred in remote areas not monitored by security cameras.

    Mark Peterson, a spokesman for Wave Broadband, said an unspecified number of Sacramento-area customers were knocked offline by the latest attack. He characterized the Tuesday attack as “coordinated” and said the company was working with Level 3 and Zayo to restore service.

    Spokeswomen for Level 3 and Zayo confirmed the disruption but declined to discuss specifics.

    “Law enforcement is involved and restoration crews are working to restore connectivity as quickly as possible,” Zayo spokeswoman Shannon Paulk said via email.

    Level 3 and Zayo are primarily business-to-business Internet providers, connecting local services like Wave to the broader Internet with their high-speed fiber-optic lines.

    Safeguarding these lines “is a massive challenge for municipalities, governments and Corporate America to deal with,” Thompson said.

    Fiber optic cable lines are everywhere and are very visible, said Richard Doherty, research director of The Envisionering Group, a technology assessment and market research firm.

    “There are flags and signs indicating to somebody who wants to do damage: This is where it is folks,” Doherty said. “You often have fiber from several companies sometimes going down the same street or the same trench. One attacker can dig one hole and wipe out service from three companies.”

    Backup systems help cushion consumers from the worst of the attacks, meaning people may notice slower email or videos not playing, but may not have service completely disrupted, he said.

    But repairs are costly and penalties are not stiff enough to deter would-be vandals, Doherty said.

    “It’s a terrible social crime that affects thousands and millions of people,” he said.


  • Untitled Post

    A routing error has caused for the Golden Hills Subdivision to go offline. Should be back up within the hour.

  • Service Outage 6-17-15

    Hello All,
    We were informed of an outage affecting roughly 35-40 customers in the downtown/Hotel area of Moke Hill @ about 5:00pm. Working remotely from Oakland I was able to guide Brady and My Father Ron, through troubleshooting the failure and ultimately restoring service to most customers. There are a hand full of customers that are still down but their connections are not so easily fixed. For those I will be making a special trip back home to see if I can fix it before I need to be back to Oakland in the morning.

  • Service Has Been Restored

    Service has been fully restored. If you are still experiencing issues connecting, please call (209) 286-6605.

  • Untitled Post

    **Customers in the Golden Hills Region** Do not perform the power cycle procedure stated in the previous post. I am working to restore service to your area now. I will let you know when service has been restored.

  • PGE / Storm Outage

    Update: 87 out of 128 devices have been restored. For the customers that are still without service. Please power cycle your wireless receiver(keep reading for instructions). Do not power cycle it more then once. If power cycling the receiver doesn’t work the first time, it won’t work the second, third, or fourth time either. It will take approximately 2 minutes for the receiver to reboot. To power cycle your receiver, first locate the power adapter that should look like this

    Ubiquiti PoE Power Adapter

    Unplug the black power cable from your wall power outlet or power strip. Wait approximately 30 seconds. Then plug the power cable back in. Once the receiver reboots you may want to perform this same procedure on any devices that you may have that are attached to the LAN side of the power adapter. For example if you have a personal, in-home WiFi router that is plugged into the PoE adapter, please power cycle that device as well. It is important that it is done in that order. Receiver first, then any personal attached devices. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for everything to reestablish a connection. If you are still unable to access the internet. Please call (209) 286-6605 to have your service restored.

  • Service Outage

    Update: 64 of 133 devices have been restored.

    UPDATE: Initial outage due to PGE service being down. It was assumed when power was restored the internet service would also be restored. As PGE was replacing transformers we realized that major pieces of network infrastructure were still down. After further investigation it is apparent that several pieces of equipment were damaged in the electrical surges/lightening strikes. We are working to bring everything back online as quickly as possible, however, we don’t know the full extent of the damage.

    Currently 51 out of 133 devices have been restored.

    PG&E Alert: Crew onsite to resolve outage due to a transformer issue Expect restored May 07@11:45pm We’ll provide more info when available

    Update: PG&E Alert: Crew is investigating the outage in your area Expect restored May 07@4:32pm We’ll provide more info when available

    There is a PGE outage that is currently affecting 74 customers. There is no ETA currently. I will keep this thread updated as I receive more information. PGE crews are in route.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.53.46 AM

  • French Hill Down

    French Hill Went down at approx 9:30 am this morning. However I am able to remotely contact the the receiver dish on the tower, which is a good sign. It means that power is not the issue this time. I am troubleshooting at this time to see if it can be resolved without having to hike up to the top of the hill.

    Accuweather shows rain will stop in 15 minutes so if it’s still not fixed by then I will be heading up the hill to see whats wrong.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.49.38 AM

  • Testing RSS functionality

    This is a test post to ensure RSS feed is working properly

  • Service has been restored

    Service was restored about 3 hours after it went down so it looks like they held true to their 4 hour guarantee.

  • Network Outage

    Hello everyone,
    As you may have noticed the entire network is down. We believe the problem exists with our fiber transit carrier. They are responsible for maintaining the fiber connectivity between Moke Hill and Fremont. Approximately one hour before it went down I received a notice from them stating there would be maintenance done on the line tonight between 12am and 5am and there may be a brief interruption.

    After looking at the average usage today you can see that everything was running much slower then expected for this time of day. My guess is that they were aware of a problem that they were hoping they could fix during off hours but it didn’t last that long before it gave out completely. Their guarantee promises to have service reinstated in less than 4 hours anytime something like this occurs.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.59.57 PM

  • Service to Happy Valley is Down

    After changing some settings on a radio to improve the routing path used by Happy Valley customers, the radio failed to reconnect as expected. I am on my out to Happy Valley now to resolve this. Should be back up within the hour.

  • Batteries have arrived early!

    Hello All,
    An update from our last post where we thought our battery order wouldn’t arrive till Feb 17th. Well today is the 12th and they’re here! Well they’re there I mean. In Moke Hill. See I’m still in Oakland, till tomorrow so I won’t be able to replace them until late Friday or early Saturday. I am going to try and get back as early as possible so I can get started right away. Sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused. This new battery bank should handle the winter months with much more stability.

    Thank you

  • Latest Update on Storm Damage

    Hello All,
    Just wanted to update everyone on the current status of the Network. During the last storm we received damage to one of the two 100w solar panels on French Hill. Attempts were made to repair the solar panel but were unsuccessful. A new solar panel and charge controller have been ordered and should arrive Thursday. However, in the absence of the second solar panel, coupled with several days of overcast weather, has depleted the batteries reserve. They have dropped to a dangerously low level, which will cause damage to the batteries and shorten their lifespan. The batteries now have almost 0 reserve capacity left, which means that French Hill will only be active during day light hours, until the batteries are replaced. An order has been placed for a new set of Solar batteries. The Batteries on order will have double the capacity of the previous system, so hopefully we won’t have to go through this again anytime soon. Because this order requires special delivery and handling, it is not expected to be delivered until Feb 17th. In the meantime, while we are waiting on the order to arrive, I will be working on alternative methods of providing access. Some customers may be able to use a different access point other then French Hill. For those of you that can, I will most likely switch you over as soon as the sun comes up and brings French Hill back online. For those of you that solely rely on French Hill I will attempt to preserve any battery capacity by reducing all excess traffic and power draw from additional radios. Consolidating transmissions to as few radios as possible will help to give the batteries as much longevity as possible so that hopefully the service stays up well into the night. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Storm Outage

    Sorry this site is under construction, but if you are looking for information on the latest outage then you’ve come to the right place. Our French Hill tower is currently down. In order to get it back up we must first go to Jackson to pick up some Plexiglass from lowes to replace the glass that was shattered on one of our solar panels after the recent storm ripped it from its mount and threw it face down on a rock. Also we are picking up more fuel to mix up some more gas for the 2stroke generator. After we are back from Jackson we will atempt to replace the glass, and if we are successful we will make our way back up to French Hill tonight and replace the panel. Once we are at the top of the Hill we will turn on the generator to power the tower in the meantime to get everyone back online in the mean time while we repair the wiring for the solar panels and battery array. If we are unable to replace the glass on the solar panel successfully then we will try to get by with the single solar panel currently in place at French Hill until a new one can be ordered. ETA on when service will be restored is approx. 9:00pm

  • Golden Hills Community Expansion Forum

    I am starting this post as a community forum for all the people involved in or who have questions about the broadband project underway to better serve the residences of the Golden Hills Subdivision with high speed internet.  If you have any status updates or inquiries, please post them here.