Storm Outage

Sorry this site is under construction, but if you are looking for information on the latest outage then you’ve come to the right place. Our French Hill tower is currently down. In order to get it back up we must first go to Jackson to pick up some Plexiglass from lowes to replace the glass that was shattered on one of our solar panels after the recent storm ripped it from its mount and threw it face down on a rock. Also we are picking up more fuel to mix up some more gas for the 2stroke generator. After we are back from Jackson we will atempt to replace the glass, and if we are successful we will make our way back up to French Hill tonight and replace the panel. Once we are at the top of the Hill we will turn on the generator to power the tower in the meantime to get everyone back online in the mean time while we repair the wiring for the solar panels and battery array. If we are unable to replace the glass on the solar panel successfully then we will try to get by with the single solar panel currently in place at French Hill until a new one can be ordered. ETA on when service will be restored is approx. 9:00pm

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